Papercuts- Papiers Découpés
Public Art
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"Floating Memories"
installed at the "Bell Tower" 7380 East 2nd Street, Scottsdale, Arizona
September 5 through December 3, 2008
A Bell'e Art commission through the Scottsdale Public Art Program

“Floating Memories” refers to the original function of a bell tower. By its very name, the bell tower resonates with stories. This artwork consists of four different papercuttings hanging from the top of the structure. Four scrolls (45.5” wide and 20’ long), hang from the ceiling structure, each making two 10’ long flaps. The paper is black on one side and white on the other. Contrast in light and shadow as well as wind creates an everchanging visual effect. The papercuts represent windows, each with a singular memory. Depending on one's viewing angle, scenes of some windows appear in the background of others. Reminiscent of giant “papel picados,” the black and white banners invite passersby to peek through the windows and recognize familiar scenes in a different frame.


Hot air ballons & petroglyphs

Rain dance

Howdy Dudettes and Camelback

Car show

Art gallery (with miny Jacknife)

Parada del Sol (and Love sculpture)

Dia de los Muertos/ night life

Spa & Soleri bells

Camping & McDowell mountains

Culinary festival

Buffalo/ Kokopelli

Theater, Symphony


Carousel & Railway Park


Arabian Horse Show

Round dance

Taliesin West & jogger

Golf & Louise Nevelson


Biking & road runner

Wild Park & quails




Each image 30" x 18", banners 45.5" x 10'