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Hi Five! Stories from the Five Boroughs
The Queens Guide

Nothing replace a museum visit to experience art. "Hi Five!" is on view until June 2020 at the New York Historical Society and online before the museum reopens

The crossroads of the world with two airports, a surfing beach and a Babel of cultures, languages, and restaurants where East meets West for dinner.


A1-Slocum boat tragedy
A2- Socrates park- Ravenswood generating station
A3- Roosevelt Island bridge- Queensborough bridge
A4- Hunt Point park- Gantry Point park
A5- Barnum circus

B1- RFK bridge
B2- Noguchi museum- Hookah bar
B3- Rehearsing
B4- Hunters Point Library
B5- Long Island Station

C1- Greek restaurant Astoria- Bulova building
C2- Silvercup studios
C3- Moving Image museum
C4- Rooftop salad party
C5- P.S.1

D1- St Michael cemetery
D2- Steinway factory
D3- Citicorp building- Ravel hotel swimming pool
D4- Hotel
D5- Wendy Young architects’ project

E1- Taking off
E2- Steinway residence
E3- Lucky Luciano’s tumb- Clocktower building
E4- Offices
E5- Delivering art

F1- La Guardia airport
F2- Louis Amstrong house
F3- Caraibean pride parade- Islamic center
F4- Greenhouse farming
F5- Calvary’s cemetery- Civil war memorial- Central Chapel

G1- Parachutes
G2- Citi Field
G3- Theater
G4- Living
G5- Houdini’s tumb, Machpelah Cemetery

H1- Spaceship
H2- Observation towers- World Fair Unisphere
H3- Art museum
H4- Burial ceremony
H5- Funerary monuments’ sculptors

I1- Men in black
I2- Hall of Science
I3- Arthur Ashe Tennis center
I4- Kissena velodrome- golf
I5- Florist

J1- Moving
J2- Dragon boat race
J3- Queens College
J4- Botanical garden
J5- Casino

K1- Flying
K2- Flushing
K3- Forest Park carousel
K4- Aqueduct racetrack
K5- Howard beach

L1- Whitestone bridge- advertising plane
L2- Ganesh temple -Whitestone bridge
L3- Borough hall
L4- Parrotts nest
L5- Stilts houses

M1- Ship
M2- Lewis Howard Latimer house
M3- Mowing the lawn
M4- Jamaica bay
M5- Chief Tackapousha

N1- Throgs Neck bridge
N2- Voelker Orth Museum bird sanctuary
N3- JFK airport- Concorde plane
N4- Seguine Burke mansion
N5- Beach club, Far Rockaways

O1- Geese migrating from Broad channel
O2- Fort Totten- Allen Beville house
O3- TWA hotel
O4- Plane Curtiss NC-1
O5- Far Rockaways Artist Alliance- Hog island

P1- Hindenburg Zeppelin
P2- Farm museum
P3- Cornelius Van Wyck house
P4- Water Taxi
P5- Catching waves

Q1- Traveling
Q2- Lighthouse
Q3- Pow Wow
Q4- Beach bungalows
Q5- Surfing







How to tell stories of five Boroughs in visual narratives? How to make them all fit the same format despite their diverse geography? How to research such a megalomaniac project? just one answer: impossible. I enjoy to research stories but one life time cannot be enough for a city that is constantly changing. Since 1985, I have lived and worked in New York City, as a tour guide for 15 years, then as an artist. I am curious for stories from the past and the present. In my free time I bike to explore different neighborhoods. My memory (that often distorts reality) and my personal experiences shape my subjective vision of the city. While cutting, I live scenarios from real or imagined stories to represent an energy. Some elements are easily recognizable. Others are open for interpretation. Sharing stories expands our universe.

Artist Book
available at: New York Historical Society shop and in my studio

Hi Five! Is an artist book documenting Béatrice Coron’s site-specific installation for the New-York Historical Society’s exhibition In Profile: A Look at Silhouettes. Each numbered book is from an edition of only 100 handmade by the artist. Each book includes a negative of the original papercut.

Text by Mick Stern, Photos by Etienne Frossard





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