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Hi Five! Stories from the Five Boroughs

Each borough is handcut from Tyvek, 30" x 8', 2020, Béatrice Coron, 2019

The Bronx Queens Manhattan Brooklyn Staten Island Statement & details Artist Book

Hi Five! special installation extended to 2/22/22 - Timed-entry tickets
New York Historical Society Museum & Library
HiFive! NYHS credit photo Glenn Castellano

the Bronx



Beside Wave Hill, the Botanical gardens and Yankee stadium, the cradle of modern urban culture worldwide— rapping, scratching, graffiti, break dancing, hip hop and street fashion.

guide to the Bronx panel




The crossroads of the world with two airports, a surfing beach and a Babel of cultures, languages, and restaurants where East meets West for dinner.

guide to Queens panel




The center of the universe. Home of MoMA, the Met, the UN, Wall Street. Broadway, famous celebrities, absentee landlords and more …The skyscrapers and the prices keep going higher.

guide to Manhattan panel




Where millennials, hipsters, mermaids and young entrepreneurs drink latte at the Brooklyn Museum, Coney island or the Navy Yard, then go online and invent new industries.

guide to Brooklyn panel

Staten Island



The forgotten borough with long beaches, a Chinese scholar garden and a forest. Explore Tibetan culture, and historic Richmond settlement.

guide to Staten Island panel

How to tell stories of five Boroughs in visual narratives? How to make them all fit the same format despite their diverse geography? How to research such a megalomaniac project? just one answer: impossible. I enjoy to research stories but one life time cannot be enough for a city that is constantly changing. Since 1985, I have lived and worked in New York City, as a tour guide for 15 years, then as an artist. I am curious for stories from the past and the present. In my free time I bike to explore different neighborhoods. My memory (that often distorts reality) and my personal experiences shape my subjective vision of the city. While cutting, I live scenarios from real or imagined stories to represent an energy. Some elements are easily recognizable. Others are open for interpretation. Sharing stories expands our universe.

Hand-made numbered and signed artist book
Hi Five! Stories from the Five Boroughs
5.5 x 8.5" - coptic binding Price $80

Hi Five! Is an artist book documenting Béatrice Coron’s site-specific installation for the New-York Historical Society’s exhibition In Profile: A Look at Silhouettes. Each numbered book is from an edition of only 100 handmade by the artist. Each book includes a negative of the original papercut.

Text by Mick Stern, Photos by Etienne Frossard

Hi Five! Hi Five! Hi Five!
Hi Five! Hi Five! Hi Five!

This artist book documents the site-specific installation at the New-York Historical Society’s exhibition In Profile: A Look at Silhouettes. Each Numbered and signed edition of 100 Each book includes a negative of the original papercut.
Price $80 with taxes and shipping in the US $ 87.10
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