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Sound Bites

116th Street subway station, Cleveland, OH
Commissioned by RTA, managed by Land Studio

Sounds bite


Step in for “ Sound Bites”: a cultural jam of different styles and flavors. We often commute with music and food in
our mind. In “Sounds Bites” I propose different flavors and styles of what’s cooking in the neighborhood.

Music and food are subjects that people are passionate about and that are community oriented and personal at the
same time. Getting inspiration from Cleveland's Hungarian heritage, I made a connection of how Béla Bartók could integrate folk songs in classical music. I then extended it to other neighborhood events such as Porchfest and the Soul of Buckeye. For the food, I thought of Shaker
square farmer market, the urban farms, the garlic festival and the Power of food of Edwins Institute. I want to give
back these different memories that are familiar to the commuters to invite them to daydream or plan their new

The artwork is a vine cutout with story elements of music and food in round vignettes that can be read as bubbles
of celebration or serving plates for every taste. It is made of random finished stainless steel with glass inserts.

My goal is to invite the public to be in harmony, syncing with others and not missing a beat from the ever changing
neighborhood. Each commuters can find new meaning over time and make their own stories and connections.

Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite
Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite Sounds Bite

6 stainless steel panels, 1/4”gauge, 6.5 x 35'

installed May 10, 2019

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