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Recently installed public art: "Garden of Knowledge", UF, Gainesville, FL

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  • Still open online: Movie on youtube:

    TEDex Charlottesville

    From Dave Matthews’ "Come Tomorrow" album

    “La Vie de Château” animation movie

    New Works
    Why Birds Sing? Steel Blossom
    fashionbug2: Victorian Lepidoptera streams
    sounds bite fort extravagant
    100 zebras sediment
    E-Motion: Trans-Forms series Garden of Knowledge
    lexington life column Chinese International School Hong Kong
    A Taste of Sustainability crib design
    garden fashionbug5:
    deep Trans-Forms: Egyptian flyingfish
    Dave Matthews band Rosie the Rhino Mermaid Goddess




    "HI FIVE" special installation
    Get your timed-tickets!
    extended to 2/22/22
    New York Historical Society Museum & Library
    Artist book limited edition of 100 available: Hi Five! Stories of the Five Boroughs

    23 septembre- 3 octobre, 2021
    Vernissage jeudi 23 septembre, 18h
    Exib, 5 rue de bonald Lyon 69007, France

    Group Shows

    The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art
    Online Biennial, April 30-September 22, 2021

    Reimagining Roanoke, Outdoor sculpture exhibition
    May 17, 2021- April 14, 2023
    Roanoke, VA

    Architecture de Papier
    September 17, 2021- January 2, 2022
    Opening- Vernissage 17 septembre, 18h30
    Maison Bergès, Villard-Bonnot, France
    In Person Workshop

    Journées du Patrimoine
    18-19 septembre 14h-18h
    Maison Bergès, Villard-Bonnot, Isère

    From Book Shelves to Cat Walk: Wearable papercuts and artist books
    November 6, 11am- 4pm
    Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven CT 06510

    Online Workshops

    Papercutting Basic
    Monday October 11, 10am-12 pm
    The Center for Book Arts

    Papercut Botanical Wall,
    Thursday October 21, 3-5 pm
    The Center for Book Arts

    Starting Papercut
    Monday October 25, 11am-1pm
    Kalamazoo Book Arts Center

    Wearable Papercuts
    Tuesday November 2nd, 10am- 12pm
    The Center for Book Arts

    Papercutting on Stage
    Wednesday November 10, 3-5 pm
    The Center for Book Arts

    Papercut Botanical Wall
    Tuesday November 16, 11am-1pm
    Kalamazoo Book Arts Center

    Papercutting for Your Environment
    Tuesday November 23, 4:30-6:30pm CT
    Minnesota Center for Book Arts

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